• ○ Play the Circular Section (in progress)

    Collective project. Playing the (circular) Section is a project by Maathuis and Whatremimakes, developed under the Open Oproep Bouwen Aan Talent by the Creative Industries Fund (NL). By designing a 'serious game' Maathuis and Whatremimakes hope to gain a better understanding of the motivation and interest of the generic actors that relate to any build project. By playing the game, stakeholders build up a realistic project in an abstract way. Stakeholders have to reach consensus on options (both circular and non circular possibilities) considering the shearing layers of a generic design, thought of by Steward brand; site, structure, skin, services and space plan. After they are done building, they have to dismantle the project, revealing the circularity of decisions made, and the status quo of the current building industry.