• ○ Diogenes on wheels (in progress)

    Personal project. Inspired by a man that lived in a barrel in Athens, this project wants to point out the sometimes ridicule solutions proposed for the ecological problem. Consuming, an act inseparable from urban daily life, is inherent to the capital system. Proposing consumption of ‘green-goods’ as a solution seems rather odd. A potential solution should focus on reduction of consumption, but that solution conflicts with our current economic system. Among other things, the size of a dwelling decides it’s ecological impact. Less space is less material, less energy to heat or cool, less energy to light, less energy to build. Less space to store things, enforcing you to critically think about the material goods you need. Less space to be – more place to share. It will be – as soon as finished – available for rent. A contemplating weekend in this structure aims at making you realize that genuine richness is always found in immateriality.