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    MSc Architecture | Studio Extreme | Hyperloop station. Over the last few decades the transportation of humans across the globe has increased. Simultaneously, a global awareness of the effects of human-based activities on the environment has firmly established a position in the Geist of the Zeit. The resulting quest for a development of a mode of transportation consuming considerably less energy than other currently known modes creates the idea of the ‘Hyperloop.’ A tube in a vacuum tube, reaching speeds over one thousand kilometres per hour. The tubes presumably have beginnings and endings, meaning they should ‘start’ and ‘stop’ somewhere. What happens at those starts and stops is the design task of EXTREME: a hyperloop station. In addition to the Amsterdam Bijlmer station, next to the Amsterdam Arena and the Ziggodome, the hyperloop station should be constructed. This intensively used area leaves not much space for anything out of ordinary sizes, resulting in my point of view that this station should be the ‘first transitional hyperloop station in Amsterdam.’ A modest, functional, logical excavation of a part of the square. Click here for the posters.