• ○ Lødingen

    MSc Architecture | Erasmus | Design in context part 2. In September 2017, as part of the course Design in Context at the NTNU taught by Sami Rintala and Pasi Aalto, the students travelled to a small village called Lødingen at the beginning of the Lofoten in Norway. The students were linked to an actual client that wanted to develop an area in Lødingen, which was a very good experience for young future architects, since architecture is not only engaged with the physical context but also the mental context (highly influenced by the client). It resulted into a strategical design for the area, touching upon urbanity and architecture. Personally I was involved in designing a path along a peninsula, relying on the physical context to define a shape, by defining the radii and positions of circles. This way a curved path can be created in a segmented way. Segmenting is desirable for repetition / costs in the building process. Interventions are introduced along the way. Click here for the presentation (compressed)