• ○ Nygårdsjøen

    Invited for participation. In September 2018, Sami Rintala invited a few young (student-) architects to work on a 10-days project in the community of Gildeskal in Norway. The community is encountering depopulation. Young dwellers of the community decide to live elsewhere, usually one of the bigger cities of Norway. To meet the needs and expectations of potential future inhabitants, we were to present our combined international point of view on the situation, to contribute to a stack of ideas the municipality could sit around and discuss on. The community exists of four villages. In this workshop we’ve made urban and architectural designs for two of them. I contributed to the group making a future design for the small village Nygårdsjøen. The existing communal plan focussed on expanding the industry and residential area in the same location. After short research, the conclusion was that the existing plan was overlooking the potential of developing a residential area where it would occur more naturally, in the historical and geographical sense. We considered this our biggest finding. Team members: Sami Rintala, Giovanni Wegher, Nathalie Mussi Weidlich, Hilary Duf, Dario Jessen, me.  Click here for the invitation letter. Click here for the presentation.